Museum churches, massacre mosques

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WE hope the massacre that ‘DAESH’ carried out in the northern part of Sinai’s city of Arish, where more than 300 people lost their lives and many others were injured, will awaken the conscience of their colleagues in the fanatic extremism movement.

We still remember with astonishment the comment made by one of their senior masters on the massacre in Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque which was carried out by local ‘DAESH.’  He eulogized the families of victims by saying: “I hope the massacre will not increase jobs for members of the victims’ sect in the ministries of Defense and Interior”.

This is due to their level of thinking, given that fundamentalists of such type made their religion and customs suckle the State in good and bad times.

We hope the Arish massacre, whose victims were worshipers performing Friday prayers, will shock the heart of every Muslim.  We saw the relatives of the victims clad in their Arabic desert clothes with their long dense beard — monotheistic Muslims, not infidels or apostates like the outward ‘DAESH’ members and not the hidden ones who like to justify the crimes they committed against humanity.

The extremists — not ours — have never murdered people in cold blood in worship houses.  At this point, we remember what happened several weeks ago when an American extremist went on a shooting spree in the luxurious city of Las Vegas killing a significant number of concert revelers.

However, the killing of worshipers in the houses of worship has become the specialty of 21st century extremists (DAESH); the ones who were nurtured by ourselves, individuals, societies and governments.  We all bear the blame for their existence amongst us.

This happened when we found no problem in changing our syllabus to suit their curriculum, and when we agreed to open branches of their terrorist organizations on every street and estate in our areas.

It happened when we allowed them to organize their ‘evangelism’ camps, centers for Holy Quran memorization, moderation committees and their support funds; in addition to hundreds of adversities, moral and financial transgressions.  Here we are now and the entire world reaping bitterness and woes from what we sowed.

Let us leave for a moment the massacres in mosques and go to western countries which our extremists like to describe as “faithless”.

Once, I had a short business trip to the capital of the Roman Empire —Rome, and the capital of renaissance art and architecture — Florence, where I spent my free time strolling through the streets, gardens and majestic churches.

A person gets goose bumps in the midst of the scenery of these churches while witnessing the beauty and artistry of paintings.  These are the paintings of majestic international artists whose fame goes beyond the horizon and the price of their masterpieces exceeds $400 million in auctions like the painting of Leonardo da Vinci which was sold last week in New York.

In the churches of Rome and Florence, da Vinci and his colleagues will make you forget the 21st century.  Instead, they make you return to past centuries — centuries of divine beauty and art.

I feel sad as our mosques became places of human massacres at a time the western churches turned into art museums.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli – Former Minister of Oil



This news has been read 11302 times!

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