Murders total 225 between ’12 … 2021

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In-family killings point to societal affliction

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 1: The Council of Ministers, in its last meeting has assigned the Ministry of Interior to coordinate with the appropriate authorities to deal with the phenomenon of an increase in violence and murders in society, reports Al-Qabas daily. For a long time, Kuwait has been disturbed by news of a new murder every few days, especially that some of them are more heart-breaking and terrifying because they are connected to the loss of life within the same family, such as the killing of a mother by her daughter, a brother by his brother, a husband by his wife, and a daughter by her mother, which indicates there is something terribly wrong afflicting the society.

The government must act quickly and work to prevent these murders, and accordingly this file has been entrusted to the Ministry of Interior to address the troubling phenomenon with the required seriousness and speed in implementation. Over the course of 10 years — from the beginning of 2012 until the end of last year — the country witnessed 225 murders, which informed sources attribute to “a significant and clear change in the structure of society, in terms of the increase in drug addiction, the recklessness of some young people, the absence of legal deterrence, the intervention of wasta to prevent punishment, the negative impact of websites, family disintegration and the absence of oversight.”

The sources pointed out that the Ministry of Interior has adopted a new strategy, based on advanced, modern and non-traditional methods, in dealing with criminal behavior, with the aim of tightening control over crime rate, limiting its occurrence and quickly apprehending the suspects. The officials stressed the need for all concerned parties to move to discuss the causes of these crimes and put an end to them which most often than not happen for trivial reasons. The sources pointed out the investigations results show the reasons are diverse and are limited to revenge, financial greed, drug abuse and addiction, quarrels, mental illness, disagreements and marital and family problems.

This news has been read 16825 times!

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