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Saturday , November 26 2022

‘Murderer’ arrested within 15 hours after killing Kuwaiti woman

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 25: Personnel from the of Research and Investigation Department of the Ahmadi Governorate, led by Colonel Omar Al-Rasheed, have succeeded in arresting the killer of the 68-year-old Kuwaiti woman, reports Al-Anba daily. The suspect is believed to be her son-in-law and he was taken into custody in about 15 hours of committing the crime. The weapon used in the murder – a Kalashnikov rifle was dug out from a yard in Wafra. After the suspect was handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department to find out the motive for committing the crime and how he obtained the rifle, the man said he killed the woman because of family disputes and said the rifle was with him since the Iraqi Army was ousted from Kuwait in February 1991.

The rifle is believed to be remnant of ordnance abandoned by the Iraqi army during their hasty withdrawal from Kuwait. The victim was murdered in front of her daughter (the alleged killer’s wife) and examination of the vehicle showed traces of several bullet marks that penetrated the rear and front windshields of the vehicle. The killer’s vehicle was found in the Wafra desert. After the murder was committed the suspect allegedly spent time at farms in Wafra asking for food and water and looked exhausted at the time of his arrest due to lack of sleep or perhaps due to other matters that will be investigated

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