Murder Case

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This question is related to a murder case in which my mother was murdered by a Pakistani man in Kuwait in 2013. After investigation and with my help, CID officers arrested the murderer and the case went to a Kuwait court.

I have received information that family members of the killer have arranged fake documents with help of a Pakistani welfare organization and have managed to stop his case and requested the Kuwait court for forgiveness. It is requested you please help us in this regard.

Name withheld
Answer: Unfortunately, we can not help you as far as the case is concerned because the scope of the Legal Clinic is limited to offering advice for specific and not physically involving the Legal Clinic team in any case. So, again we will offer you advice on the issue.

If you have evidence that the family of the “accused” in the murder case is manipulating documents in a bid to secure pardon for the accused, you should bring the same to the notice of the court.

If you are in Kuwait, you can approach the Ministry of Justice directly which will pass on the evidence on to the concerned court but if you are in Pakistan you should pass on the same evidence to the Kuwait authorities through the Kuwait Embassy in Pakistan.

You can also pass on the same information to the Kuwait authorities through your embassy in Kuwait. You also have the right to file a case against both the family of the accused and the Pakistan welfare organization in a Pakistani court of law for falsifying documents from Pakistan in your name

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This news has been read 12382 times!

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