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Municipality to allocate 3 sites for housing expatriate workers

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Each site to have 150,000 sqmt area

KUWAIT CITY, June 11: The Kuwait Municipality has agreed to allocate three sites for the construction of housing complexes for expatriate workers. Each site has an area of 150,000 square meters within Jahra Governorate, west of the city of Hajjaj, west of the city of Jahra. This came in implementation of the decision of the Council of Ministers issued on July 20, 2020, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to the municipality, the sites must be handed over to the Ministry of Finance’s State Property Department for sale in a public auction to the private sector, provided that a comprehensive traffic study is submitted for approval by the General Traffic Department, and a comprehensive study to assess the environmental and social impacts in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Law, as well as the executive body is authorized to makes changes to the sites that are in conflict with any existing road networks or infrastructure services, or for any regulatory reasons. It stressed the need for the three sites to be subjected to the following standards for cities and labor gatherings such as the number of the floors – four floors for residential buildings, and two floors for buildings of service and commercial uses.

The municipality explained that the commercial rates for labor complexes will be five percent for commercial buildings, and five percent for service buildings and buildings of commercial uses in labor complexes such as central market, bank, cafes, restaurants, multi-purpose halls and shops. The building percentages for labor complexes are 20 percent construction concentration for residential buildings, and ten percent for buildings of service and commercial uses.

According to an informed source, the three proposed sites for the construction of housing complexes for employment in the west of the city of Hajjaj are of sufficient distance from the urban area of five square kilometers to achieve safety. The road network isolates the two regions from each other. She revealed that the management of the structural plan laid down the standards for cities and labor gatherings currently in force, adding that work is underway to study the standards for housing workers and labor cities, their distribution, and the proposed densities within the work of the fourth structural plan for the State of Kuwait 2040, in light of the current situation and future variables to prepare and estimate the extent of need for housing.

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