Mum gives birth to 13 ounce baby

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A BABY was born four months early, weighing just 13-ounces stuns doctors with his remarkable fight for survival. Ellonn Smartt, 25, from Des Moines, Iowa, was rushed to hospital for an emergency C-section after her waters broke.

Premature babies are not expected to thrive like this. Weighing less than one pound, an Iowa baby born at just 23 weeks is being hailed as “miracle baby.”

Fewer than one in five babies born at 23 weeks survive, are usually not developed enough to fully use their limbs, and are unable to use their lungs.

But Jaden Morrow was born fighting: trying to breathe from the moment he was born on July 11 and moving his arms and feet.

“He’s a miracle baby,” doctors told his mother, Ellonn Smartt, reported KCRA.

After a typical day of work and grocery shopping, the mother sensed something was happening when she got back to her home in Des Moines. She told her partner, Jordan Morrow, “I think he’s going to come today.”

She was right. Within 10 minutes her water broke, and her family rushed to the local hospital, where doctors warned her that the survival rate was not high.

“They said I was going to have to deliver in the next day or two and there was a good chance he wouldn’t survive,” Smartt told TODAY. “That was the moment when I fell apart. I was heartbroken.”

But after she gave birth to Jaden, weighing just 13 ounces, those worries gradually began to fade.

“His arms and toes were moving and he was trying to breathe on his own,” Smartt said. “He’s our little miracle.” Within just two days he was drinking breast milk.

He is the smallest baby born at Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa, in the past decade.

This news has been read 12706 times!

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