Mullas’ regime will bow and be defeated divinely

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

FINALLY, the rope is around the neck of the Mullah regime. This time, it is an American cowboy who is tying it in a manner almost similar to the hanging of outlaws in the 18th and 19th centuries in America — by tying them to a tree while sitting on the back of their horses and then hitting the backside of the horse in order for it to run, leaving the outlaws hanging. Who is hitting the backside of the Iranian horse? It is clear that, the matter has been left in the hands of the Iranians whose youth population constitutes about 64 percent.

They are the ones who revolted earlier this year against the despair caused by the policies of the global supreme leader of terrorism, and demanded justice, equality, and an end to the miseries of starvation. There is no doubt that such uprisings will recur in the coming weeks when the sanctions of the United States of America come into effect.

Europe, on the other hand, will not be able to stand in the face of it because it is preoccupied with issues that have more economic significance in terms of free trade and climate agreements, and trade exchange between the old continent and the first global economy, as well as the repercussions of Brexit.

It seems the European capitals will not set aside all of these significant economic agendas for the sake of tiny projects with Iran which does not exceed more than 20 percent under the best conditions related to trade exchange with any other country.

Iran revealed its flimsiness in confrontation after Washington withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal, which is also known as “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” (JCPOA).

The recent stances of aggravation are just empty voices. It neither withdrew from it like its leaders threatened to do such as its President Hassan Rouhani who recently spoke with a defeated voice, nor announced its uranium enrichment at a high rate.

Entire focus of the Mullah regime was on calming and appeasing the internal front. In other words, the major negative effect of the uprisings last December and January has become clearer, as well as the inability to actually confront this “tsunami” which had rocked the country. This country suffers from an acute livelihood crisis, and it attempts to cover it up with either direct or proxy wars being fought in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon, or through interference in the internal affairs of the Gulf countries that are allies and partners of the United States of America.

The initial description with which the US President started is the destructive role of Iran in the Arab region and the world since 1979. This drew a natural image of what the current flawed nuclear deal could lead to, as it has started gasping its final breath.

This is due to the fact that the regime has been taking advantage of financial abundance to finance terror groups, or building arsenal of weapons with the aim of blackmailing not only its neighbors on the other side of the Gulf, but the entire world. Donald Trump only took these major steps after reaching an initial agreement with President Kim Jung-un for the disarmament of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction.

That is why he made his announcement at a time when his foreign secretary Mike Pompeo was heading to Pyongyang to put the final touches to the anticipated summit between Jung-un and Trump.

In other words, Trump has told the Mullah regime — if they want bread, they should commit to the 14 conditions declared by the White House in order to reconsider the sanctions. Everyone knows that the Mullahs’ philosophy stands on regarding every gain as divine, especially this nuclear deal. From this perspective, the current regime in Tehran will not accept the conditions.

This means any miscalculated retaliation or military adventure against any country in the region will open hells’ gates from outside. However, the starving people of Iran will never accept the furnace of the Iran-Iraq war to be repeated. Therefore, the prideful peacock regime will have no way out except by accepting the conditions set by the USA. By then, it will not matter if the leaders will consider it as a new divine victory because they won’t be unable to mislead reality.


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
[email protected]

This news has been read 10662 times!

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