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Mullahs dig own graves

IT IS not the first time for Hassan Nasrallah and the Iranian regime to prove that they have nothing to attack Israel and America but bark without bites. The shameless guy recently declared that all Israeli red lines in Lebanon have been dropped; ignoring the fact that Israel bombed the bases of the Revolutionary Guard and its sectarian militias in Syria, Iran and Lebanon close to his own headquarters. He apparently forgot that Israel exposed nuclear stores in Iran, while the so-called ‘resistance alliance’ is still echoing the same arguments for more than 40 years.

It has become urgent for Iranians and their mercenaries to carefully look into their miserable reality and give up repeating slogans like ‘Death for America’ and ‘Death for Israel’. They must stop their enmity towards the Gulf countries. Such slogans are no longer effective in facing daily attacks launched by Washington and Tel Aviv targeting that axis, especially those concerning toughening the blockade against Iran and its mercenaries in the region such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, militias in Iraq and the global financial system; in addition to foiling all terrorist attempts by the Houthis to make breaks in South Arabian Peninsula.

Iran has been repeating the slogan on liberating Jerusalem for 40 years; while its hands are plunged in Arabian blood, particularly the Palestinian blood, leaving Tel Aviv to enjoy safety.

Concurrently with adopting slogans like ‘Death for America’ in public, Iran seeks to hold negotiations with America secretly. Iran is ready to abandon most of its cards in the region and even within its territory in order to keep the regime away from the deadly end.

Yes, Iran and Nasrallah have been all talk without action since the 2006 war, when the tiny mercenary realized the devastating consequences which hit Lebanon as a result of kidnapping two Israeli soldiers. Nasrallah expressed regret when he said plainly: “If I only knew that the Israeli reaction will be like this, I would not have launched the war.”

Nasrallah said recently, “The impending war against Iran will define the end of Israel and put an end to the American existence in the region. For those who think the coming war will end the resistance axis, I say it will be the end of Israel.” When Nasrallah said that, he was quite aware he only talked about the illusions of peacock arrogance which stimulated his mind while broadcasting his television messages from his room although he was afraid to meet his supporters in public. He knows well that in such war, he will not find a platform for expressing regret.

The 40-year-old propaganda reveals day after day the emptiness of the Mullah regime which depends on repression inside Iran and verbal exercises outside in order to face America and Israel. On the other hand, the regime uses power against Arabs and kills them in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon.

An ancient Arabian folklore about a woman named Barakesh is applicable to the Iranian mercenaries in Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon. Barakesh was the wife of Luqman bin Aad who was mentioned in a number of myths. He went on a trip and left his wife behind. They had a habit of setting fire whenever they need soldiers. One night, the servants of Barakesh set fire accidentally so the soldiers rushed to the location upon seeing smoke emanating from it. Counselors advised Barakesh that if she does not find a job for the soldiers, they will not come back if she summons them again so she ordered them to construct a building.

When the husband returned, he asked about the building and they told him: “Barakesh caused troubles for her community.”

It seems the Iranian regime is setting more fires which will bring them afflictions.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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