Muhammad bin Zayed … indeed, ‘as for the foam, it vanishes as flotsam’

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THE incitement campaigns and systematic defamation against the United Arab Emirates (UAE), its leaders, figures and families in general have not stopped; such that you will think there is a big problem in the country.

However, as you fly towards the UAE with many questions in your mind, up to the point that your anxiety gets the best of you; everything changes once the plane lands in any of its airports.

The image becomes clearer and clearer with every step you take. Eventually, you feel the reality of matters which is completely different from what has been propagated through the media machine, the tool of lies of the ‘Brotherhood,’ and its affiliates and supporters living in the cave of hatred.

At Qas Al-Bahar in Abu Dhabi, in that spacious room overlooking the sea and endless sky, you could read the first lines of determination on the faces that come from all over the UAE to meet a leader who adheres to the noblest of ethics. Ever smiling, he greets everyone individually. He asks how one is doing and where one has been. He gets acquainted with new visitors and their conversation continues at the lounge as if he has known them for long time.

Some visitors come to greet him, another comes with a need, and others are there seeking for advice; whereas the entire conversation generates various ideas so the session becomes a platform where visions converge and interact with reality.

As this is happening, the campaigns of incitement and misinformation continue on different communication platforms in a bid to deafen the ears.

A curious journalist asked him about the malicious campaigns orchestrated by the ‘Brotherhood’ and its mouthpiece, which has gone to the extent of touching the simplest detail of their lives. With a smile, he responded: “We only hear the bird’s songs of accomplishments which are achieved daily in our country. This is due to the fact that we are racing against time for our future. At the same time, we listen to marching ants. The only one worth dealing with is the march which poses a threat to our country.”

He added, “We work in accordance with the noble verse of the Holy Quran: ‘As for the foam, it vanishes as flotsam, and what profits people abides in the earth.’”

Indeed, what benefits people is witnessed in every corner of the UAE; as if it is competing with itself — the latest standard of new cities such as the city of ‘Masdar’, the city of sustainable energy which is considered the pioneering city of the future. This is in addition to world class museums, modern universities, industries and many other projects which made UAE float in space ushering in several satellites into the era of technological challenges.

All of these are indications that the train of determination and building is on the right track. Those on board do not pay attention to any voice carrying the scent of backwardness from haters.

Therefore, Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed said with a tone of confidence and the smile of a victor: “Our main concern is the glory of our country, wellbeing of the citizens and expatriates, and to engage in anything new in knowledge and achievement.”

Nonetheless, the best way to deal with haters, even on a personal level, “is to ignore them,” as he phrased in his response. It indicates there is nothing to fear about a country whose history is being written by its men and women with the fabric of solid willpower.

For a very long time, the Muslim Brotherhood Group, its supporters and haters have been weaving cobwebs of lies and fabrications about the UAE even touching on the family affairs of its leaders; yet they always fail as the leaders of the UAE are fully aware that they will experience delays if they preoccupy themselves with such ruckus. They have never dug up malicious agendas which destroy countries and communities, because the UAE is too big to act small.

During the Monday meetings at Qas Al-Bahar Hotel, several faces of different cultures and languages are present as if many problems are solved in such meetings; in addition to presenting opinions about the future. This makes the meeting an oasis of hope and persistence to move towards the open road on the infinite horizon of seas and skies.

This country, whose leaders took upon themselves to be strong by being united, is getting stronger and stronger in their stances and determination to give hope.

It is also opening its horizon to various cultures, where the ideas of 200 nationalities converge. Everyone gathers under the flag of tolerance and bond of humanity which the leaders are determined to maintain by shouldering this major responsibility so the entire UAE remains the hive that gives honey of development and progress. It will not be distracted by small talk and shenanigans.

Here at Qasr Al-Bahar, pearls of experience are harvested once they are refined by a leader who is part of the group of leaders determined to fly high with their people who are open to the world due to the leadership of the UAE.

Here, we learn how the firm leadership distinguishes between the thread of hope and the thread of disappointment which the ‘Brotherhood’ and their backers hold onto while underestimating the solid legacy of UAE leaders, especially in facing challenges. Hence, the leadership is confident that the noises are just foams which will vanish.

Because of this, those with big hearts deserve to be part of the group of those who light up the path towards the future and do not pay attention to the bickering of their haters.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 14313 times!

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