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Saturday , September 21 2019

MP vows continued fight on corruption

KUWAIT CITY, March 30: Reaching his wits’ end in combating corruption and pushing for accountability of erring State officials, MP Riyadh Al- Adsani asserted the National Assembly has filled all legislative gaps in this regard; hence, the government has no excuse for failing to prosecute those proven to have misused public funds and manipulated financial transactions.

He said the ministers of Interior and Finance are responsible for the questionable ‘swelling’ of bank accounts, suspicious contracts, and financial and managerial violations; because they directly supervise the nation’s security and financial affairs. He reiterated his demand for the government to refer all case files riddled with questions to the Public Prosecution; or else, the responsible ministers will be grilled. Detailing his claims, the MP disclosed that he holds documents supported with numbers and names including some incumbent MPs.

He pointed out these documents clearly indicate financial violations, hinting the emergence of another millions of deposit scandal. He called on HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al- Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah to address the issue, considering the latter is in charge of the general policy of the country and ensuring the continuation of self-supervision and anticorruption efforts.

Adding that he will not falter in ‘squeezing out’ those who have violated and squandered public funds, the lawmaker affirmed everyone will be judged equally for the greater good and asserted that he is responsible for everything he says. “Even if they drown me in court cases, I will remain on the path towards revealing the truth,” he concluded.

Al-Adsani’s statement and relentless efforts in resolving this issue won the support of his colleagues such as MP Abdulkareem Al-Kandari who confirmed his support for any action against the questionable ‘swelling’ of bank accounts, especially since some incumbent and former MPs are involved. He also voiced support for Al-Adsani and unveiled his plan to submit a request for the Assembly to tackle this issue in its upcoming session in accordance with Article 149 of the internal parliamentary regulations.

In a related development, MP Faisal Al-Kandari, one of the MPs suspected of involvement in the issue, appeared before the prosecution to request for investigation of his assets and bank accounts in a bid to clear his name. He also approached the Kuwait Anti- Corruption Authority requesting for re-evaluation of his assets and liabilities. He urged the authority to announce results of the re-evaluation to the public

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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