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MP calls for special session on jobs – ‘Thousands of positions could have gone to Kuwaitis’

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KUWAIT CITY, March 18: MP Osama Al-Shahen has submitted a request to hold a special parliamentary session on the unemployment issue. Al-Shahen confirmed that 18 other MPs have also signed on to his request, which will be discussed in the ordinary session of the Parliament on Tuesday.

MP Osama Al- Shaheen

He said a number of citizens and labor unions showed interest in his request, so they submitted their comments and recommendations which will be tackled during the session. He hopes the session will yield the desired results.

He explained the unemployment issue is an accumulation of several smaller issues such as the citizen to expatriate ratio, academic output not matching the manpower need of the job market and lack of job opportunities.

He cited as an example a public institution which received more than 9,000 applications although the number of vacant positions was 110 only; while a governmental financial institution had 28 vacancies but it received 765 applications.

Expounding on the citizen to expatriate ratio, he said 825 pharmacists, 599 clerks and 25,000 nurses in the Ministry of Health are expatriates.

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has 3,200 non-Kuwaiti Imams, Muezzins and lecturers; while the Ministry of Education employed 1,346 expatriate support staff. These thousands of positions should have been given to citizens, he asserted. He then called on the government to be more active in addressing the issue, indicating there is a certain form of procrastination in terms of efforts to support the Kuwaiti public

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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