Thursday , September 28 2023

Move to remove content violating public morals

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 4: The Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority has coordinated with YouTube to remove content, including advertisements, proven to have violated public morals, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting sources. Sources said the authority received several complaints about inappropriate content on websites from individuals and government agencies.

The authority followed up and verified these complaints, then the necessary action was taken against those proven to have committed violations, sources added. Sources disclosed the complainants have demanded for removal of YouTube ads that contradict public morals and violate media content regulations.

Sources affirmed that the erring YouTube accounts were blocked through the coordinated efforts of the authority and YouTube. In the meantime, the President of the Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE), Eng. Faisal Al-Atl, with the measures announced by the Environment Public Authority to activate the application of environmental law, and to expel the owners of environmental violations from the country confirmed in a press statement saying, “We hope that the violations will be issued and signed against individuals and companies that employ unqualified workers in various environmental work,” reports Al- Jarida daily.

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