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Father: “Mother was cruel to her kids” – Detention continues

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 29: As the accused mother who imprisoned her daughter in a room stealing her freedom and did not report her death till the skeleton was found continued being detained whereas her two sons were released.

The prosecution heard fathers statement in this case where he had separated from the mother 5 years ago as the mother was filled with cruel thoughts specially to her children which was the main reason to separate, she used to constantly beat her children on pretext that she is their mother and mother knows how to raise her children.

The mother admitted during interrogation that she had imprisoned her daughter in a room but did not intend to cause her death but rather meant to raise her and prevent her from leaving the house but one day she discovered she was dead and due to fear of everyone accusing her she did not reveal to anyone about her daughters death.

Earlier on 26th Oct when a 21-yearold Kuwaiti walked into the Salmiya Police Station and complained that his mother had killed his sister five years ago and had kept the remains in the bathroom of the family apartment, securitymen were caught on the wrong foot, reports Al-Jarida daily. He dropped a bombshell saying he had a quarrel with his mother because she had killed his sister in 2016, but what was surprising is what took the young man more than five years to report the incident.

Nonetheless, the securitymen did not take the confession lightly and rushed to the house of the complainant. When they arrived at the house the mother and the complainant’s brother prevented their entry following which the securitymen got a warrant from the Public Prosecution, forced open the door, and found the decomposed remains in the bathroom of the apartment in Salmiya. The source stated the mother and brother of the complainant have been arrested and referred for interrogation.

The corpse has been referred to Forensics Medicine Department to determine the cause and time of the death. During interrogation the mother acknowledged that she was aware of the existence of the corpse but did not confess to killing her or rather denied killing her. She said she was afraid to report the death to the police for fear of being accused of killing her or covering up the ‘murder’. The source pointed the Public Prosecution Office is collecting evidence and is continuing interrogations with the family members to unravel the mystery and the identity of the murdered daughter

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