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Sunday , January 29 2023

Most Kuwaitis happy with 1 wife

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 26: It seems that the percentage of fidelity to the first wife among Kuwaitis ranks very high, as statistics show about 94 percent of 176,093 Kuwaitis are married to one woman, out of a total of approximately 187,145 thousand married men, reports Al-Rai daily. As for the enumerators, who apply the rule of ‘one wife is not enough’ the statistics showed about 5.5 percent of have more than one wife at the same time, and such men number 10,213 Kuwaitis who have two wives.

It is clear there are about 0.4 percent of Kuwaitis who believe that polygamy has more than two benefits, as 743 citizens are married to more than two wives at one time. As for men with long experience with polygamy and having the maximum number of wives at one time, they constitute 0.05 percent or 96 men, who have as many as four wives.

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