MoI gives final touches to security plan in Muharram

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Rules detailed for Hussainiyats owners

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 8: The Ministry of Interior is putting the final touches to the security plan for the month of Muharram, during which the memory of the martyrdom of Imam Al-Hussain (may Allah be pleased with him) is commemorated, reports Al-Rai daily.

Sources confirmed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Lieutenant General Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah is closely following up the plan, which includes securing the Hussainiyats through heavy presence of securitymen supported by traffic patrols to ensure smooth flow of traffic and the safety of worshippers.

Sources said a coordination meeting was held earlier between officials at the ministry and the owners and representatives of Hussainiyats who agreed to strictly comply with the plan. Sources revealed the procedures include calling the Operations Unit in case of any suspicious behavior in order to deal with as per the rules and regulations.

Sources added the owners of Hussainiyats signed a commitment to avoid offending the companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and practice rituals quietly. Sources affirmed the owners of Hussainiyats vowed to limit the celebrations, away from political issues or offending other countries. Sources said the regulations of the ministry include non-usage of loudspeakers to avoid disturbing the neighbors of Hussainiyats.

Sources disclosed that marching on the streets is not allowed, as well as the distribution of food and drinks along the streets. Sources went on to say the owners of Hussainiyats have been instructed not to occupy neighboring spaces for any activities without obtaining permit from the ministry. Sources added the security officers assigned in Hussainiyats are not allowed to wear the same uniform as the Interior Ministry securitymen

This news has been read 19075 times!

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