Mohammed VI will not let government of people fail

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THE Moroccan Prime Minister-designate Aziz Akhannouch is faced with several files that need to be resolved quickly. This is due to the past ten lean years during which the Muslim Brotherhood Group controlled the legislative and executive authorities, and left about 1.5 million unemployed. It also fostered cold relations with Arab and African countries. However, all this has been dispelled with the efforts of King Mohammed VI.

It is not a secret that the rift between Morocco and the Arab countries would have been greater had it not been for the ministers of Sovereignty, Interior, Foreign Affairs and Agriculture, who were chosen by the monarch. This is because the ministers of the Muslim Brotherhood Group were working on forming a lever for the group through harmony with its branches in Egypt and some Gulf countries, as well as the north African countries. This caused a lot of divergence in the regional views while the monarchy was fighting to purify and correct it.

Nevertheless, the monarchy did not impose any opinion on those chosen by the people; rather, the king’s patience was very wide due to his strong belief that democracy treats itself through the ballot boxes.

Today the people have returned to adopting the directives of their king, and staying firm in keeping the group away from the forefront. However, there is a long way for the government and the people to walk together in order to fix the defects caused by the Muslim Brotherhood Group so that the renaissance movement returns to its previous era, especially with regard to what is necessary to re-energize the major projects.

There is no doubt that the coalition that wins the largest percentage of seats in the parliament has all the tools to work on turning the page on the past lean years, and to be guided by the advice given by the king, either in the speeches of the throne or the opening speeches of the annual session of the House of Representatives.

Morocco, through its tolerant, innovative and creative people, and because of its geographical location as a link between Africa, the Arab world and Europe, can undoubtedly overcome the Muslim Brotherhood Group legacy.

This could be the point that Mr. Aziz Akhannouch should start from in order to market the many opportunities available to his government and country, either with his Gulf brothers who view Morocco as an oasis of political, security and economic stability, and therefore regard it as a golden opportunity for active investment, or by taking advantage of the position of the great King Mohammed VI in Africa, and the political and even religious appreciation of him, especially as the kingdom is the golden gateway to that continent.

There is no doubt that all observers, whether in Morocco or here in the Gulf, and even the rest of the Arab world and Europe, are waiting for a lot from the new government, especially after the great collapse of the backward political and religious groups throughout the Islamic world, not only in North Africa.

This means that the road to healthy relations without impurities of Muslim Brotherhood Group’s exploitation is paved. Mr. Akhannouch has many opportunities and we believe that he is able to invest in them with great success. He is well aware that King Mohammed VI, despite his long patience, will not allow this government to fail, because it is considered as the government of the people before being the government of the monarch.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 27417 times!

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