Mohammed VI … government of prosperity

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THE only reason for the Muslim Brotherhood Group’s structure to collapse so quickly is not the conspiracy against it as claimed by its followers, but due to the fact that its leaders were not qualified to rule.

With a knockout blow, they hence fell in Egypt a year after they grasped power fraudulently, through the ballot box.

June 30, 2013 was the D-day when the majority rose up against the rule of the Guidance Office, and faced Mohamed Morsi, about whom a lot was said concerning the American fingers that applied pressure strings to install him as president.

At that time, the Egyptian army stood by its people, and did not form a protection wall for the system that was usurping the country’s capabilities, and robbing people’s minds with ignorance under the guise of fraud by the Islamization of the state.

Similar was the case in Tunisia, where after ten years of playing the ropes of contradictions, undermining institutions through systematic corruption, and holding on to the joints of the state, the Tunisians stood behind their president Qais Saied, and rose up against the group. The true colors of this group were exposed with its first historical entitlement, which is the reconfiguration of institutions away from hegemony and political class domination.

In 2011, the pillars of the Muslim Brotherhood Group in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf states, as well as Morocco, assumed that their goal has been achieved, that the matter is in their hands, and that there would be no resistance to their project. However, all of this fell at the ballot boxes, which wiped the makeup off their hideous faces, and reduced them to their normal size. Hence, their resounding defeat was expected in the Moroccan parliamentary elections.

The outcome of those elections confirmed that the Moroccan people understood well the advice of their king. Throughout the 22 years of the rule of the young King Mohammed VI, the focus has been on building, with the need to be aware of the consequences of casting their votes on groups that are trying to exploit this democratic transparency to reach the executive authority in order to plant its rotten seeds in it.

It is historically known, especially after the revolution of the king and the people in the 1950s, that the role of the Moroccan royal family has been to guide and advise, while the popular choices deal with the rule.

We mentioned in the previous articles that the late King Hassan II granted the socialists the opportunity to work on implementing their political project, and they failed. They were cast out of power through the ballot boxes. Similarly, King Mohammed VI gave the Muslim Brotherhood Group the opportunity for ten years until they exhausted all of their slogans, and disturbed the relations between Morocco and several Arab countries based on their political vision which was confined to maximizing the group’s role in the Arab world.

Today, all of this has become a thing of the past. The parties that won the majority have economic and scientific brains – a large elite capable of eliminating the devastation caused by the Muslim Brotherhood Group.

In addition, the leader of the National Rally of Independents (NRI) Aziz Akhannouch, who will be the prime minister in the next government, is a top-class businessman who does not seek to hoard money by plundering the state, as the Muslim Brotherhood Group did.

In Morocco, there are many opportunities that Arab and European investors are looking for, and they do not need more than good marketing, in which Akhannouch is a master. This will make Morocco more productive and more prosperous in the next stage in its regional, African and Arab role, which was repeatedly emphasized and looked upon by the King Mohammed VI in his speeches, as well as what he ordered during his assignment to Akhannouch to form the new government.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 19488 times!

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