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Mohammad VI … you are productive

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IT IS far better to confront a problem head-on and deal with the root causes than foot-dragging until it snowballs or sparks fire on you. Based on this principle, King Mohammad VI has been solving problems that the Kingdom of Morocco is facing.

He does not rely on reports from advisers and aides, so he follows up national issues personally in order to provide for the needs of citizens and overcome obstacles which are sometimes due to errors committed by some employees.

When the wave of the so-called Arab Spring started, many people in the Arab world expected Morocco to be among the countries enveloped by the mess. This was a shortsighted calculation as Mohammad VI was busy engineering drastic reforms in institutions, making the Moroccan Spring completely different from what happened in several Arab countries.

He relied on constitutional amendments and renaissance of national zeal. Instead of the anarchy anticipated by some people, Morocco transformed into a sanctuary of stability and model of calm reform worthy of emulation.

Today, when his campaign begins to hit corruption hideouts in Aghader and he orders ministries to apply laws on everybody and demolish violating projects even if they belong to members of the ruling family or his aides in the government, he is only completing what he has been doing in the past years. He started this from Casablanca, to Marrakech and El Hoceima; up to the extent that many people believed the action taken in those places for a couple of years would serve as the spark for destructive winter fire. Nevertheless, the King went to El Hoceima where he listened to the people and worked on reforming the lapse caused by some officials.

Mohammad VI is known for closely monitoring the execution of plans and projects on the field, while issuing pertinent instructions to cover loopholes that some weak minds could have exploited for personal interests. This should be considered a royal revolution in response to the aspirations of citizens who always crave for development and renaissance.

When the inflation rate fell to the lowest level at a time of relative inflation in the Arab world and the global community, it means that the seed planted by Mohammad VI is ripe for consumption. Everybody entrusted with work is now convinced that he is under watchful royal eyes; so nobody feels that his position, job or social status protects him from accountability.

The royal eyes focus on right implementation of the law without leaving anything to chance, so the follow up is consistent. It is as if King Mohammad VI works based on the words of Al-Mutanabi: “If you see fangs of Al-Laith sticking out, don’t think that Al-Laith is smiling.”

Despite the distance between us and Morocco, we are still watching the trend of development and reform being carried out by Mohammad VI here in the Arabian Gulf. This is due to the cordial relations between the GCC countries and the Kingdom of Morocco, as well as the volume of Gulf investments in Morocco, which remains a huge push to stabilize the Arab economic security pillars.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times