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Mohammad VI and his revolutionizing speech

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

KING MOHAMMAD VI completed the Green March during its 40th anniversary since reclaiming Western Sahara with a development march which focuses on cementing national unity and equality among people in this area.

People in this area suffered for decades due to the injustice caused by regional interference and separatists’ conflicts with the natives.  Now under the Moroccan flag, they are equal; there is no difference between them because “the nation is forgiving and kind,” as the King stated in the anniversary celebration.

The Kingdom of Morocco has managed, in the past four decades, to go beyond many obstacles put on its path towards reclaiming this region (Western Sahara) which constitutes the link between it and Africa.  The visit of Mohammad VI to that area is the core of fulfilling the promise.  Morocco, as the King mentioned, “If it promises, it fulfills every bit of its promise, and it does not commit itself except on what it can deliver.”

This kind of stance comes naturally from convictions which are generated by closely following up the affairs of his country, rather than depending on reports given to him.  He interpreted that stance when he said, “We neither raise empty slogans nor market illusions, like others do.  Instead, we offer commitments and we ensure we fulfill them.”

This national commitment prompted the huge crowd of citizens in Western Sahara to welcome their King with great jubilation and hospitality, as they renewed their pledge to work towards elevating the status of the region.  They will not be affected by those “drifting behind the enemy’s agenda and propaganda.”  For this, they all repeated with him saying, “There is no place for the separatists among us.”

Mohammad VI clearly presented the history of the desert’s challenges.  He neither stopped at blaming anyone nor settled for patching up here and there.  Despite the atrocities that Western Sahara went through in the hands of a few disillusioned separatists, he affirmed the nation’s heart is big enough to grant national pardon.

The ‘man of affairs’ managed to sort out matters accordingly and he reminded the Arabs, not only the Moroccans, that the lone solution to all the crises is unity in decision, vision and way out of the division routine which enhances the presence of people with conspiracy tendencies at the expense of one nation.  This goal will be achieved only if it is completed along with human development and proper construction of infrastructure, not just the services, but culture as well because it is the first element of success.

For all these, we salute King Mohammad VI for his endeavors which unite, not divide while he spreads the light without extinguishing the beams.

Here we are, the present-day Morocco, writing about its special and real ‘spring’ based on development, peace and knowledge.  Because of this, Morocco continues to be firm and strong in forming the real oasis of peace and stability, at a time when division, chaos and war almost dominated the entire Arab world.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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