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MOH to investigate death of a nurse

KUWAIT CITY, May 4: The Kuwaiti Medical Association has asked the Ministry of Health to investigate Filipino nurse who died from Corona virus and make sure health procedures and care protection of all medical personnel are provided.

Dr. Ahmed Thuwaini Al-Anzi

The President of the Kuwait Medical Association, Dr. Ahmed Thuwaini Al-Anzi, said in a press statement “We regret the death of the nurse at a sensitive time and undoubtedly the incident has hurt everyone”

He pointed out that the nursing profession is the main pillar in the service of patients and the part that complements the work of doctors. They are the ones who have been called angels of mercy among humans who help in building confidence of patients greatly.

Dr. Al-Anazi called for giving the deceased all their rights and sympathy and doing everything that is in the hand to support them and has recommended all medical teams to take care of themselves and protect themselves at this time in order to preserve their health and their lives so that they are the immune fortress of this country after God Almighty.

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