Thursday , September 28 2023

MOH shuts 20 private pharmacies

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KUWAIT CITY, May 28 : The Ministry of Health has announced the closure of 20 pharmacies due to their violation of the Law Regulating the Pharmaceutical Profession (No. 28 of 1996), as amended by Law (No. 30 of 2016). These closures come as a result of diligent monitoring and oversight efforts conducted by the ministry in relation to private health sector institutions.

The ministry further explained that the decision to close these pharmacies was based on the violations observed and the outcomes of the investigations conducted by specialized inspection committees. In accordance with the recommendations put forth by these committees. The Ministry of Health emphasizes its commitment to upholding the standards and regulations that govern the pharmaceutical profession in order to safeguard public health and ensure the delivery of quality healthcare services. Efforts will continue to monitor and supervise the private health sector, taking decisive actions against any violations detected.

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