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Thursday , October 28 2021

MOE wasted millions through illegal contracts

‘Irregularities, shortcomings marred MoE performance in academic year 2019-2020’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 25: State Audit Bureau revealed irregularities and shortcomings that marred the performance of the Ministry of Education in the previous academic year 2019-2020, such as the splitting of some contracts of a similar nature and not putting them in public tenders with the intention of distancing themselves to escape from the approval of the regulatory authorities, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In a statement, State Audit Bureau pointed to splitting contracts for printing and supply of school books for 2019-2020 academic year at a total value of about KD 2.3 million, and splitting the ministry’s contracts for the supply of furniture through direct contracting with sums reaching approximately KD 700 thousand.

The bureau indicated the Ministry of Education extended some service contracts (transportation, meals) worth a total of KD 19.8 million, without putting them in public tenders, to obtain the best prices and specifications in violation of laws, which is a waste of public money and the ministry’s lack of commitment to rationalize the required spending, stressing the importance of the ministry’s commitment to regulations and obtaining the best offers and prices.

Its reports went on to point out that the ministry did not comply with the quarterly surprise stock taking of stationeries, furniture and educational activities stores, which weakens its control in the violation of instructions of the Ministry of Finance, indicating the ministry did not provide the safety and prevention requirements in Sabhan warehouse, whether in furniture or stationery.

State Audit Bureau warned about the ineffectiveness of the fire system in the electrical spare parts store, and not taking into account the space and locations of where the stationery and furniture are being stored due to the nature and size of the stock, coupled with lack of appropriate indicative panels for the safety of the stock from fire and emergency exits, and lack of periodic and regular maintenance of the warehouses containing stationery and furniture.

The bureau requested the Ministry of Education to avoid the aforementioned violations, in compliance with instructions issued by concerned authorities to preserve the warehouse assets and the safety of workers in those warehouses.

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