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‘Modern tech helps improve workflow in customs sector’

‘E-link boosted work procedures’

KUWAIT CITY, May 17: Director-General of General Customs Administration Jamal Al-Jalawi affirmed that the Customs sector witnessed a qualitative shift in performance and a major development in the improvement of the business environment through the use of modern technology in completing customs transactions and data electronically.

This in turn reflected positively on the security and economic sectors, especially in light of the exceptional circumstances that the country is experiencing due to COVID-19 pandemic, reports Al-Rai daily.

In a press statement, Al-Jalawi explained that the Customs sector has achieved great strides in implementing its strategic vision, which is to mechanize customs work in line with the country’s strategic vision New Vision 2035 with the aim of consolidating the status of Kuwait at various levels, and without prejudice to the security aspect.

It also made great strides through electronic linking with a number of government agencies related to customs work, as such interface activated the customs systems in the clearing and forwarding agencies in a manner that improves the customs risk management and facilitates the process of clearing customs data.

Al-Jalawi revealed the statistics that were recently prepared by Customs sector regarding the indicators of electronic performance in consideration of the customs transactions completed during the period from March 15 to May 10.

He explained that the customs transactions initiated during that time were all completed through the automated customs system – starting from preparing and documenting the customs declaration, completing customs release and paying customs fees, and ending with the inspection phase and release of the goods.

These transactions exceeded more than 37,121, with estimated total amount of KD 39,831,970 of which 36,564 payment operations were made by the clearing and forwarding agencies on behalf of the importers at an estimate of KD 30,933,980.

The number of direct payments from import companies constituted 557 transactions at a total of KD 8,897,989. The transactions accomplished through the land ports amounted to 7,255 import operations and 5,008 export operations. The seaport transactions amounted to 18,701 import operations and 1,790 export operations. Transactions through air ports reached 23,661 import operations and 330 export operations.

Al-Jalawi highlighted that the preparations of customs data for imported and exported goods, of which the documentation procedures were completed remotely, without the need for physical presence at any of the customs departments and outlets, reached 9,061 in air ports, 10,180 in sea ports, 2,958 in land ports and 2,732 in customs warehouses.

He revealed that the customs statistics included 989 transactions of electronic extension of commercial licenses, 2,789 transactions for electronic extension of import licenses, 326 file opening and updating transactions, 3,697 e-document requests and, 360 others for the “to whom it may concern”, and nine renewal applications for clearing and forwarding agencies as well as a single exam booking for clearing and forwarding license.

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