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Missile that downed Ukrainian plane sparks Iranian uprising

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE Iranian regime failed in its first test of direct confrontation with the United States of America, as the ballistic missile strikes carried out by the Revolutionary Guards, which is the crown of its military strength, against two American bases in Iraq led to a major scandal at all levels – military, security, intelligence, and political.

Instead of achieving even a small portion of its objective, the regime managed to attract international anger upon itself after its strikes downed a civilian plane minutes after takeoff from Tehran airport. This error has renewed the popular uprising, making it stronger than what it reached in the recent weeks, and rendering the Revolutionary Guards as the target of the protesters who demanded its departure and described it as “ISIS”.

This confusion, in which the Iranian leadership is locked itself recently especially after the discovery that the clique surrounding Qasem Soleimani was infested with spies; in fact, many spy networks are devouring the regime from the inside, in the sense that there are multiple sources of decision. This phenomenon makes the political administration seem like a stumbling block in the market.

Its circles wrestle with each other and devise false scenarios, especially in its attempt to cover up the downing of the Ukrainian civilian plane, which is a crime against humanity by all accounts.

A picture of weakness, confusion, and hesitation about what happened affirms that all the threats and slogans launched by the “peacocks of Tehran” over the last 40 years have been tantamount to bubbles and that the regime is just a noisy phenomenon, which has taken from its terrorist arms in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain, and its cells in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as a platform to fl ex its muscles, and to practice political blackmail.

It is not a secret that the regime’s plans with the complicity of its terrorist groups in those countries pushed it to the ranks of a failed state, as is the case in Lebanon, and the sectarian strife, as in Iraq, taking advantage of the contradictions that daily events bring, which increases its control over political factions in those countries, and thus prolong the life of lies about the power of the so-called axis of resistance.

There is no doubt that some mobs were impressed by these rhetoric in the beginning, but they later discovered the extent of their falsehoods, especially after the information boom and development of the means of communication between people, and after discovering that the ruling regime is just benefiting from people’s sufferings.

Eventually, this led to the popular burst that drove the Iranians into the streets in protest against the billions that the regime has been spending on terrorist movements, gangs, and mobs abroad, while there is no return except for more international isolation, hunger and poverty, and also rendering them as hostage to a junta living in the caves of the Middle Ages seeking to separate them from the world, and locking them in the shell of the interests of its leaders to remain in control of the country’s wealth.

Therefore, when the students of universities in Tehran go out today chanting against the pillars of government and the Revolutionary Guards, and refuse to trample on the flag of the United States of America, all this is evidence of the weakness of the regime, after the falsehood of its propaganda, which exceeded the Nazis’ lies.

This scene continues to spark the crumbling of the pillars of the regime and its institutions to appear in public in the past few days after the great confusion in dealing with the crisis of the Ukrainian plane, which means that it has started eating itself from the inside to the extent that it is not possible to heal the crisis without cauterization.

This solution come especially after the policy of repression, killings and imprisonment failed, and the regime’s plan to fabricate crises with the foreign countries was exposed to cover up the internal situation, because any step in these two matters means walking on a minefield which will definitely end up blowing on the regime’s face.

Perhaps the American and European policy succeeded with the regime of the Mullahs, in terms of leaving its destiny to the Iranian people to decide, and today it is paying off by exposing its weakness. Therefore, the policy of dancing on the edge of the abyss will not help the Mullahs, but it is clear that they made a suicidal step that slipped with them into the abyss, and the international community has no choice but to support the new uprising sparked by the Revolutionary Guard’s missile that shot down the Ukrainian plane.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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