Mishal Al-Ahmad … ‘Be blessed’

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah, Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

YOUR Highness the Crown Prince, honestly, may you be blessed! You delighted our hearts when you spoke your mind, and you spoke on behalf of every citizen.

Indeed, using expressive and short words, you said what was in my soul, and in the soul of every citizen who loves this country, especially when you identified the shortcomings, either in the legislative authority or executive authority, and also in the people who must be held accountable by those who elected them.

Everyone, in their respective position, must work on adopting this stance of the captain of the ship and consolidating it as an action from words. This is what your Highness said explicitly in your lofty speech, which must serve as a road map for everyone, provided they abandon their personal tendencies.

Your Highness the Crown Prince, most of the MPs, as well as the ministers, are profiteers. In the absence of accountability, they have become more arrogant in their practices. This is why they are dismissed, or they resign, without any accountability, as if they had not committed a crime against the nation and the public wealth. For this reason, despite the many referrals to the Public Prosecution, the accountability process is slow.

Everyone knows that those who fail to perform their duty will be held accountable in other countries because negligence and inaction are manifestations of corruption.

Any official proven to be involved in such failure is taken to prison. However, in our case, the opposite happens. In fact, the corrupt cover up their practices by provoking public opinion through demands whose essence is popular but the implementation is intended for personal or partisan agendas.

It is true that continuing the political scene as it has been will not be in the interest of the nation and the citizens.

It has obstructed the development process and disrupted the economic cycle. There is no vision for exploiting investments – both local and foreign – in a way that serves the diversification of sources of income.

This, without a doubt, puts pressure on citizens’ ability to live and disrupts projects, which has led to great disappointment in their souls.

All the solutions currently proposed are not reassuring in the future because it is based on grants and pumping money to citizens without any plan to diversify sources of income.

The spread of corruption is due to the absence of accountability and supervision, which has in turn made the political scene increasingly skewed. This is reflected in the social and economic conditions, as well as cultural issues in the country, which led to inflaming the street and preoccupying citizens with marginal matters that were already known to be unreliable and inconsistent with citizens’ demands, because it does not achieve justice for the people of the country.

His Highness the Crown Prince, when the captain of the ship speaks with such frankness about what we have been suffering from for 30 years as a result of wars, either declared or undeclared ones, to obstruct the course of the relationship between the legislative and executive authorities in order to achieve personal interests, the scene must be as you described it, Your Highness.

You put your finger on the wound, and it is time for everyone to bear the responsibility with honesty and sincerity.

May Almighty Allah bless you your Highness for this comprehensive explanation of what the nation is suffering. The people today await your painful surgical procedures to put Kuwait on the path towards salvation after three decades of lagging behind the global pace in all fields.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 1340 times!

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