Ministry Takes Action Against Spoilt Frozen Chicken Supplier

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 10:  The Ministry of Commerce and Industry made an announcement on Sunday, revealing that it has taken precautionary measures to suspend its business dealings with a commercial company. Consequently, the company is prohibited from displaying and selling its frozen chicken products in any catering branches.

This action follows the circulation of a video on social media depicting what appears to be “spoiled chicken,” purportedly supplied by a commercial company to catering establishments. Responding to this situation, the Ministry of Commerce issued a press statement reiterating its dedication to safeguarding consumers’ interests. The Ministry pledged to employ its legal authority within its jurisdiction to address any incidents that may have a detrimental impact on consumers.

The Ministry elaborated that, in response to the widely circulated video, which depicted an individual inspecting the allegedly damaged frozen chicken from a supplier to catering branches, it promptly initiated collaboration with the Food and Nutrition Authority. This cooperation was aimed at providing the authority with a comprehensive report on the matter.

A team from the Ministry was dispatched to assess the condition of the supply center within one of the cooperative societies. The objective was to ensure compliance with the conditions and specifications mandated by the Ministry of Commerce.

Should the report from the Food Authority confirm the allegations of spoiled frozen chicken, the Ministry of Commerce will proceed with its own set of procedures. These may include referring the supplier company to the Public Prosecution for further investigation and the appropriate legal actions. The Ministry reiterated its unwavering commitment to upholding food safety standards and protecting consumers’ rights.

This news has been read 6009 times!

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