Ministry prepares special committee for goods price oversight during Ramadan

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The government initiates a specialized committee to safeguard price stability throughout Ramadan.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 22: In anticipation of the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, the Ministry of Trade and Industry is set to issue an administrative decision within the next two days, forming a specialized committee for two months. The committee will include experts from the commercial control and consumer protection sector, tasked with overseeing the availability and pricing of various goods during Ramadan in local markets, cooperative societies, central markets, and establishments selling essential commodities such as meat, poultry, pulses, and dates.

Sources indicate that this committee is an annual proactive measure by the Ministry to monitor and regulate prices and food supplies during the Ramadan period, aiming to ensure stability in the market. The team will work closely with sales outlets and stores, obtaining pledges from officials not to engage in unjustified price hikes or artificial inflation, in adherence to the law.

Among its responsibilities, the committee will utilize a comprehensive program containing prices for numerous goods, with inspectors cross-referencing invoices to identify and address any artificial price increases. In the event of a violation, the Ministry’s Control Department will coordinate with law enforcement, resulting in the preparation of an arrest report and the transfer of the offending company or entity to the Commercial Prosecution.

In a parallel effort, sources reveal that coordination has been finalized between the Ministry of Commerce and Customs. The latter will provide shipping bills for companies importing vegetables and fruits daily, allowing inspectors to track the entry of these goods into the country and verify their weights and quantities. The collaboration aims to enhance accuracy in monitoring food products and positively impact the state’s strategic stock.

Customs is in the process of issuing a circular to trade inspectors, requiring them to access this information. The move emphasizes the cooperation between government agencies to ensure the accuracy of quantity data, contributing to the availability of essential products during the holy month.

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce conducted a meeting with relevant stakeholders to equip trade inspectors with copies of bills of lading from companies engaged in daily shipments of vegetables and fruits, further enhancing transparency and efficiency in monitoring food supplies during Ramadan.

This news has been read 645 times!

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