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Wednesday , October 28 2020

Ministry of Interior … wrong side!

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

WHEN we started learning how to drive a car, the streets of our country in those days were few and short. We did not care about driving our cars “opposite to traffic”, or as we call it “wrong side”, due to the small number of cars, pedestrians and people!

I don’t know why our leadership remembered the wrong side these days, as I see the men of the Ministry of Interior doing too many tricks at the checkpoints they set up on the main roads after the hours of curfew (God bless it). We remembered some of the checkpoints of the Iraqi army for “protected women” during the traumatic occupation of Kuwait in the year 1990 (May God not let us witness such days again).

One of the distinguished women readers called me a few days ago to tell me her story about some men in charge of the “protected women”.

She said she went to a women’s salon near her home after a long time since these salons were closed for months. The salon was filled with women who took off their hijabs to style their hair as well as remove unwanted hair from their bodies and so on …

This is something that we men do not see, but women know it very well, because they all take their rest as if they were in the bathrooms of their homes.

The lady said everyone was shocked when policemen stormed the salon “without following the constitution” – in the language of our Egyptian brothers. The women who were exposed by these policemen were screaming in one voice! The policemen ordered the women to leave the salon, because their cars – that is, the women’s cars – were parked in a nearby parking lot, which the Ministry of Interior had set aside temporarily for police cars!

Dear reader, have you heard of a reason more ridiculous than that to storm a ladies’ salon?!

After hearing this story, I hit the palm of my hand and told the lady that our policemen were crying out for “people and people.”

At a time when Kuwaiti youth and expatriates break the traffic laws on the main roads by driving on the safety lanes or at frightening speeds, zigzagging on crowded streets or tampering with a mobile phone to send messages while driving without being deterred by the officers who are entrusted with dealing with criminals who violate our streets and ensuring the traffic laws are followed, we instead find these officers violating the chastity of our women in the salons, which COVID-19 had closed for months. When they finally opened, our policemen violated their sanctity. Such behavior from them is like the one who drives his car “opposite to traffic” or “the wrong side”!

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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