Ministry of Health Kuwait shuts employee transfers for the year

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The Kuwait Ministery of Health closed biannual employee transfer for October

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 6, (Agencies): The Ministry of Health has closed the employee transfer process after the designated transfer period based on the decision of the Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadi. According to this decision, employee transfers within the ministry were allowed twice a year, in April and October.

Health sources mentioned that around 500 employees from various job categories, including doctors, technicians, nurses, and administrators, were accepted for transfer between different sectors of the ministry during the October transfer period. The transfer process was conducted based on the work needs and in line with the nature of healthcare facilities, whether transferring to or from them, to ensure fair distribution across the ministry’s sectors.

The sources also indicated that coordination was established with relevant authorities within the ministry to evaluate the employee’s suitability for transfer to the receiving department, taking into account their job title, qualifications, and academic certificates to maintain the quality of service and the interests of the workplace.

The Ministry of Health specified that transfer requests had to be submitted on the approved form, with the consent of both the sending and receiving entities, along with the approval of the relevant assistant undersecretary. It was also emphasized that applications should be submitted during the first 15 days of either April or October, and requests submitted before or after these deadlines would not be accepted. Exceptions to the transfer deadlines were made for cases related to health reasons, and applications meeting the requirements were submitted to the Administrative Affairs Department for the necessary decision, following the established regulations.

This move signifies the Ministry of Health’s commitment to maintaining a fair and efficient employee transfer process, taking into account the organization’s needs and the well-being of the employees involved.

This news has been read 2709 times!

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