Ministry of Education scrutinizes replacement lists for expat teachers

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Ministry of Education reviews substitution lists for expatriate teachers.

KUWAIT CITY, April 7: The Ministry of Education has embarked on the task of reviewing replacement lists for expatriate teachers, signaling a concerted effort within the public education sector to streamline administrative processes for the current academic year. As part of this initiative, the ministry will soon furnish its administrative counterpart with the names of teachers slated for replacement, ensuring a smooth transition in educational staffing.

According to an educational source who disclosed details to Al-Rai, the listed teachers possess academic specializations that are in surplus within government schools. The source highlighted recent amendments made by the public education sector to these lists, which entail both additions and deletions, pending official approval.

The source further revealed that despite considerable interest in teaching positions, evidenced by 2,000 applications from both male and female teachers under local contracts across various academic fields, the ministry has yet to fill a quarter of these vacancies. This discrepancy is attributed to a significant failure rate observed in written tests and interviews, with only approximately 5 teachers out of every 50 applicants successfully passing these assessments.

Addressing the crisis, the administrative sector has engaged in discussions with the public education sector to explore viable solutions. It is recognized that not all applicants can be characterized by low academic qualifications, especially considering that many are graduates from colleges of education and basic education.

Efforts are underway to navigate these challenges and ensure the effective deployment of qualified teaching personnel across educational institutions, reaffirming the ministry’s commitment to maintaining educational standards amidst evolving staffing dynamics.

This news has been read 4035 times!

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