Ministry of Education lacks vision

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‘Top officials do not believe in their usefulness’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 21: Educational researcher Abdulrahman Al-Jasser said education in light of the corona pandemic is at a dangerous juncture more than ever before, and reform is still expanding and the biggest problems facing education in the State of Kuwait are due to the absence of vision, lack of clarity of goals and lack of strategic educational planning, even if there is a plan.

What is written and published on the Ministry of Education website, is nothing more than ink on paper, he said, and explained that the senior education officials do not believe in their usefulness and do not take into account its contents, and as a result all that we find is instability, confusion and staggering perhaps most of the time, and add to this the contradictory decisions that are being taken from time to time.

The educational arena has become a testing ground for every official who occupies the position according to his orientation and thought, and what is seen are the projects on which millions of dinars are spent from the ministry’s budget that do not happen within a short time until these projects get scrapped with the departure of the person at the helm.

Al-Jasser pointed out in a diagnostic study he prepared on the reality of education in Kuwait, that if “we want to develop education, we must start by developing a clear and stable educational strategy that does not change by changing leaders, and is not subject to individual whims and goals, so the task of leaders is to implement this strategy and its applications, and in order to develop this strategy, it is imperative to establish a national conference to save education at the highest level that includes competent national experts from the Kuwait University, the Ministry of Education and from other educational areas, and the task of the conference should be to develop an educational strategic plan compatible with Kuwait’s vision and the needs of the labor market”.

He added the Supreme Education Council and the National Center for Education Development are important, but in order for them to have the desired role, they must work independently, so their subordination is transferred to the Council of Ministers directly, and the task of the Supreme Education Council is to set educational plans, and the mission of the National Center for Education Development is to oversee and set development studies with an emphasis on assigning competencies, and the Ministry of Education must devote itself to the executive and operational side, because it is unreasonable to see that the one who is implementing is also supervising so who should be held accountable when something goes wrong? He said, “If we want to know the extent of the success of an institution from its failure, we must know the effectiveness of the senior officials.”

By Abdulrahman Al-Shimmari Al-Seyassah Staff

This news has been read 22265 times!

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