Ministry of Education bolsters security measures for High School exams

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The Ministry outlines a plan to combat exam irregularities through joint cooperation.

KUWAIT CITY, May 13: In alignment with reports from Al-Jarida news, the Ministry of Education has affirmed its commitment to ensuring the integrity and safety of final exams for high school students this academic year. The Ministry, in a recent statement, announced collaborative efforts with pertinent government bodies to uphold exam standards.

Acting Undersecretary Mansour Al-Dehani convened a meeting with officials from the Ministries of Interior, Endowments, and Information to strategize coordination efforts for the upcoming final exams of the 2023-2024 academic year. The discussion primarily centered on devising a comprehensive action plan to counteract irregularities during examinations and enforce regulations against breaches.

Emphasizing the significance of cooperation, the Ministry outlined plans for systematic coordination among various sectors to deter malpractice and ensure the smooth conduct of exams. The measures discussed included the identification and mitigation of suspicious online platforms and communication channels that could disrupt exam proceedings.

Furthermore, practical steps were deliberated upon regarding the secure transportation of exam materials, including question papers and answer sheets, from printing facilities to examination centers. Security protocols at exam venues and the regulation of vehicular movement around schools were also addressed.

Acknowledging the success of collaborative efforts in the past academic year, the Ministry highlighted a notable decrease of 77% in exam denials during the second semester of 2022-2023, attributing this decline to enhanced vigilance and coordinated actions across government agencies.

In a separate development, Ahmed Al-Majidi, Director of the Libraries Department at the Ministry of Education, announced the completion of the final rounds of the Reading Challenge initiative for the academic year 2023/2024. With 200,000 students participating and 95 finalists selected, the competition will soon determine the Reading Challenge Champion, who will represent Kuwait on the Arab world stage.

The Ministry reiterated its commitment to fostering academic integrity and encouraging a culture of honesty and diligence among students, underscoring the collective responsibility of government institutions in safeguarding educational standards and promoting student success.

This news has been read 609 times!

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