Ministry chair and café chair

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Not much beyond the age of sixty, he retired from a prestigious government job. Departing with a substantial golden handshake, along with accrued salaries and a sizable inheritance from his father, he exchanged the plush ministry chair for a wooden one in a contemporary café where he joined friends who had retired before him.

His wife suggested venturing into business or purchasing a farm for leisure, but he declined both ideas, having no inclination for trade or understanding of agriculture.

After deliberations and visits to travel agencies, he embarked on a cruise trip, but boredom set in within a month. The idea of establishing a “non-profit” humanitarian project began to take shape, inspired by his father’s prolonged illness and his sister’s care giving responsibilities, which impacted her personal life.

Identifying a coastal piece of land, close to chalets, he faced authorities rejecting its licensing as a shelter for the elderly, despite the state’s need for such facilities due to the growing elderly population burdening hospitals.

Determined to proceed independently, he located suitable land and commissioned a consulting company for a feasibility study, revealing the need for 500 inmates for sustainability.

Considering government support in the form of long-term leased land, he initiated the project, establishing a company with substantial capital.

However, bureaucratic hurdles ensued, requiring the rental of a store, hiring personnel for government transactions, dealing with various departments, setting up communication infrastructure, and navigating through the municipality’s outdated online system.

About a year into the project, he realized he had spent approximately fifty thousand dinars, and progress was slow. The cumbersome government red tape ultimately compelled him to abandon the idea, reverting to sitting with friends in the familiar wooden café chair.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 901 times!

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