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Minister of Health promised to study proposal to allow entry of expats from 34 banned countries

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 22: The Kuwait Airways  said that the Minister of Health, Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, met today with representatives of Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways, to discuss the proposal submitted by the two companies regarding the application of health procedures approved by the Ministry of Health, for passengers coming directly to the State of Kuwait from countries listed in ban.

He showed his full cooperation and understanding according to the explanation of the procedures that will be implemented in this regard. Positive response is expected from this. He also assured that the proposal will be studied from all sides by the technical staff of the Ministry of Health in order to be fully reassured of the success of the proposed measures and their suitability and full compliance with the approved health instructions and requirements. From the health authorities in the country.

Kuwait Airways affirms its full confidence in the technical opinion of the Ministry of Health, which will certainly correspond to the interest of the homeland and the citizens, offering sincere thanks and appreciation for the sincere efforts made by the Ministry of Health, headed by His Excellency the Minister and all medical and administrative staff.

The sources stated that expatriates who have valid residence only can return through direct flights, which means that expats who have an existing job, source of income and a suitable place will be isolated at home.

Home isolation is the first option for all arrivals but if the arrivals does not provide evidence of the availability of a suitable healthy place, he will be obligated to be institutional quarantine and will bear all the expenses until the end of mandatory quarantine period.

The state will not bear any costs of expats who are returning back, whether for PCR test or quarantine. The date of implementation of the plan has not yet been determined yet, as the decision has to be taken between various parties that will supervise the arrivals according to the procedures determined by health authorities.

The sources stated that with regard to examination facilities upon the arrival of passengers, a medical staff is provided to take swabs from each traveler arriving at the terminal of  Kuwait International Airport, passenger data is recorded and swab samples are collected for PCR examination from travelers who meet the conditions. As such, there are three inspection centers for arriving passengers, in T1, T4 and T5.

The operation department is responsible for coordinating with approved centers and  airlines to ensure all necessary data is obtained. A joint or separate agreement can be entered into with any laboratory accredited by the Ministry of Health to conduct PCR tests.

As for data registration and monitoring, the Ministry of Health application “Shlonak” has been authorized to register details (name according to the passport, civil card number, passport number, mobile phone number, flight number, country of arrival) of all the travelers coming in to Kuwait.Upload the PCR test result issued from the country of origin and period of home quarantine (start and end date). A second PCR test is taken at the airport upon arrival by the medical staff of the laboratory accredited by the Ministry of Health and uploaded the result to the “Shlonak” system (if applicable). The final PCR examination will be performed by the accredited laboratory after the quarantine period ends and its results are uploaded to the “Shlonak” system.

Those coming from most affected countries

1 – Provide the PCR result certificate «negative» upon arrival at the Kuwait International Airport.

2 – Providing all passenger data required by the Ministry of Health from airlines automatically to the Ministry of Health system before arriving at the airport.

3 – After arrival, the arrivals’ data is verified in the “Shlonak” app

4- Home quarantine for 7 days.

5- Perform a second PCR test on the seventh day from the date of arrival. If the result is  negative  the quarantine period automatically canceled after 7 days of quarantine have passed by the accredited laboratory and under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

6- If the result is positive, the quarantine period will be extended and the Ministry of Health procedures will be applied.

7- The airline collects the cost of the second and third “PCR” from the passenger in advance.

Those coming from least affected countries

1- Presenting a PCR result certificate “negative” upon arriving at Kuwait International Airport.

2 – Automatically providing the passenger data from the airline to the Ministry of Health system before his arrival at the airport.

3 – After arrival, the arrivals’ data is verified in the “Shlonak” app.

4- Taking a second PCR scan on all passengers at the airport upon arrival.

5- Home quarantine for 7 days.

6 – Conducting a third PCR examination on the seventh day from the date of arrival, and the home quarantine period ends when a “negative”. If result is “positive” the quarantine period is extended and the Ministry of Health procedures are applied.

7 – The airline collects  the cost of the second and third “PCR” from the passenger in advance.

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