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Minister of Education lacks vision for education future

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 2: The Kuwait Teachers Society (KTS) launched a sharp attack and expressed harsh criticism against the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Saud Al-Harbi for “lack of a clear vision or plan concerning the future of education in light of the COVID-19 pandemic”, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Dr Al-Harbi

In a press statement issued recently, KTS called on the legislative and executive authorities to “save the education sector and address the disastrous conditions by extricating education from its deteriorating state”.

It stressed that there is no hope for the loss that the educational process is currently facing under the current leadership.

The society stated that, “The minister has lost the confidence of teachers and the educational personnel due to his reluctance and lack of resolution for the pending educational issues. He violated his responsibilities in implementing justice and equality between public and private education students, and proved his complete impotence in dealing with and handling the COVID-19 crisis because of which the education sector in Kuwait is suffering. The two matters emerged from a complete absence of visions and the vast and limitless blunders that led to an educational catastrophe through the disruption of studies and education. He personally bears the responsibility for its serious consequences, at a time when education in Kuwait cannot rise from its slump after the COVID-19 crisis under his leadership”.

Massive responsibilities

According to the press statement, the society had previously insisted on the need for the minister to realize his grave responsibilities towards the ministry’s conditions and education sector in general particularly the situation in the education sector during the COVID-19 crisis.

KTS stressed that it had great hopes that the minister would initiate steps and decisions based on clear and consistent foundations with the desired aspirations, but all of them were far from his ability to such an extent that the education sector fell into a state of confusion in the absence of clear visions since the beginning of the crisis.

It said,  “The most prominent mistakes of the minister in his policies is the illogical intention to marginalize the role of educational institutions, including the Supreme Education Council and the National Center for the Development of Education, even though they were supposed to have a vital and detailed educational advisory role in supporting him to make the right educational decision.”

The society explained that Al-Harbi ignored the importance of adopting what the exceptional situation requires from activating e-learning and distance education. He left this file for efforts between different sectors and departments, which led to the establishment of an educational platform in which the technical guidance, school administrations and the concerned sectors made great and strenuous efforts. However, all those efforts were destined to fail in light of the lack of a clear vision by him for dealing with the file of distance education and his failure to consult educational leaders and decision-making specialists to help him face the exceptional situation that the education sector is going through, which led to the suspension of education for more than seven months.

It concluded by saying, “The minister has proven his inability to manage the ministry and to work as one team. He also violated the principle of justice and equality between the students of public and private schools”.

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