Minister Al-Mutairi launches ’51’ platform to foster sustainable media growth

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Minister of Information Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi addressing the audience during the launch ceremony.

KUWAIT CITY, May 13: Yesterday, Sunday, Minister of Information and Culture, Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi, hailed the inauguration of the “51” digital platform as a pivotal step in realizing the Ministry’s strategic vision for 2021-2026. Speaking at the launch ceremony of the trial broadcast of the integrated digital platform “51” in partnership with “Fast” Communications Company, Minister Al-Mutairi emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to fostering a sustainable and innovative media landscape through collaboration with the private sector.

Al-Mutairi elaborated that the Ministry aims to transition from being solely an executive body to a dynamic regulatory entity that facilitates cooperation and directs resources towards maximizing revenues and enhancing infrastructure. He underscored the significance of this milestone by noting its alignment with Kuwait’s historic media legacy, symbolized by the iconic phrase “Here is Kuwait,” marking the inception of Kuwaiti radio on May 12, 1951.

Highlighting the theme of “new beginnings,” Minister Al-Mutairi stressed the platform’s role in embracing technological advancements and preserving Kuwait’s cultural heritage while adapting to contemporary media landscapes. He commended Kuwait’s enduring commitment to creativity and leadership in the media sphere, citing the country’s rich history of pioneering achievements across theater, radio, and television.

Ensuring the platform’s integrity and inclusivity, Minister Al-Mutairi reiterated the Ministry’s dedication to providing purposeful content that upholds societal values and fosters creativity. He emphasized the platform’s dual function as a safe space for authentic expression and a hub for diverse creative endeavors.

In parallel, Abdulaziz Al-Babtain, CEO of “Fast” Communications Company, echoed Minister Al-Mutairi’s sentiments, highlighting the collaborative effort between the government and private sectors to realize this digital initiative. Al-Babtain emphasized the platform’s role in democratizing access to Kuwait’s rich media archives and exclusive productions, enabling global audiences to engage with Kuwaiti content seamlessly.

The ceremony also paid tribute to the late journalist Mubarak Al-Mayal for his significant contributions to Kuwait’s radio landscape, underscoring the importance of honoring Kuwait’s media pioneers. Attendees were presented with a demonstration of the platform’s features and functionalities, underscoring its user-friendly interface and accessibility.

The launch ceremony, held at the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center, signifies a landmark moment in Kuwait’s media evolution, marking a collaborative endeavor between governmental and private entities to redefine Kuwait’s media landscape for the digital age.

This news has been read 639 times!

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