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MEW electronically receiving water delivery requests

Minister urges public to rationalize use of electricity, water

KUWAIT CITY, April 21: Ministry of Electricity and Water, in line with Cabinet’s decision to activate e-government, has started receiving requests electronically for water delivery to ease the burden on citizens under the exceptional situation in the country.

In a statement, ministry sources said the step was taken as a precautionary measure against the spread of the virus in accordance with the directives of the Minister of Electricity and Water Dr Khaled Al-Fadil toward easing procedures for consumers to facilitate their work in light of the disruption the country is witnessing.

They explained that it is now possible for buildings in new areas to submit requests to deliver water through the Ministry’s website, according to the regions in succession, indicating the ministry began last Thursday to receive requests from buildings in Masayil area in the first phase.

This will reduce the burden on consumers and at the same time contribute to achieving social distancing measures to prevent spread of the virus, they added. Acting Minister of Oil, Electricity and Water Dr Khaled Al- Fadil has stressed the need to consider the rationalization of consumption in general as a national duty, especially in terms of using electricity and water, reports Al-Anba daily.

In a statement to the daily, Al-Fadil pointed out the whole world is going through a crisis now due to the spread of the coronavirus. “We live in Kuwait and we are part of the global system which requires everyone to manage consumption well, especially in the field of energy,” he asserted.

“Currently, our production is higher than our consumption; but this does not mean wastage. Rationalizing water and electricity consumption is necessary. This should be an approach within the societal culture in order to ensure the continuity of provision of services to everyone,” he added.

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