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Saturday , March 25 2023

Message from East to Obama – ‘Saudis playing legitimate role’

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Intisaar Al-Ma’touq
Intisaar Al-Ma’touq

IT SEEMS United States of America’s President Barack Obama was angered by the way the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia handles its affairs and carries its historic responsibilities to protect and govern with integrity the honor and security of the Middle East.

This was evident when the Kingdom played a great role in maintaining stability in the Middle East — the region which was sometimes contaminated with Tehran’s saliva and the greed of foreign forces at other times.

Apparently, the policy makers in the White House are not happy with the achievements of Saudi Arabia which continue to become greater and greater in the international arena, especially after forming the Islamic Military Alliance for noble causes, the most important of which is to clean the region from the evil of real and fabricated terrorism.

It is important for the White House to be aware of the fact that, we, in the Middle East, have confidence in the wisdom and decisions of the Kingdom and its brothers in the region, particularly since we have stopped trusting the US due to its stances on Iran at a time the region appeared to be on the verge of collapse.

A message from an Eastern woman to President Obama: “Let our men act to solve their problems, and focus on your big house”.

Obama’s recent statement about the Kingdom was filled with hideous diplomacy and political envy.  It was as if the US wants to be the only chief whereas the so-called Third World countries shall keep on playing the role of an obedient slave.

His statement was characterized by superiority, selfishness and undiplomatic tendencies, while the response from Saudi Arabia came with utmost civility and political sobriety to remind him of all the achievements of the Kingdom in the past and what it has given to protect the US.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has continued with its efforts to assist the US in fighting terrorism in the region, in addition to the Kingdom’s investments that continue to refresh the US economy in many aspects and the unique protection it gives to Americans working in the Kingdom, yet the US decided to ignore all of these.

It is then perplexing why the US President decided to act unwise, given that despite our awareness of the fake wisdom we saw in his administration, we hoped all is well that ends well.  However, this hope was shattered by his inclinations towards Tehran.

The US has always been in the frontline in combating terrorism, so this leaves us to wonder why they are vexed by Saudi Arabia — the country which does exactly what the US promotes be done decisively.

We might never know the reasons behind the US resentment over Saudi’s actions, especially at this sensitive period of time in the Middle East.  Perhaps, the success of the formation of the Islamic Military Alliance or the heavy blows on the terrorist organizations could be causing this unnecessary resentment.

Perhaps, the Kingdom’s heavy blows on the ISIL, Houthis or even Hezbollah in Lebanon baffled officials in the US, so Obama made such a statement.

Obama must comprehend the fact that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the cornerstone of this region, thus, any assault on it is unacceptable.

May Allah protect the beloved Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the entire GCC region and all peaceful nations from the lurking evil.

By Intisaar Al-Ma’touq

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