‘Mental illness no longer a matter of disgrace’

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No fear in disclosing illness to others: expert

Dr Mirza

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 6: Psychological illness is no longer a matter of disgrace or an embarrassing condition that patients or their families should fear to disclose to others. The society’s conscience has made mental illness like a physical disease that affects a person, knowing that the person can be treated and he/she can recover from it except for some cases, reports Al-Rai daily.

Psychiatrist Dr Fatten Mirza, who works in the mental health unit of Kuwait Center for Mental Health, affirmed that a person suffering from mental illness is like any other person suffering from a physical illness that can be treated. She said the illness cannot prevent the patient from getting married and starting a family, provided they disclose their condition in advance to their partners. She gave an example of a mentally-ill patient who is in a successful marriage.

Dr Mirza highlighted the difference between mental illness and mental disability, explaining that mental disabilities are permanent and cannot be treated completed, making it impossible for that individual to become normal. However, psychiatric patients have varying levels of disability. It can be mild and treatable if it is discovered early. In some cases, the patient may require treatment over time and can eventually be healed and capable of leading a normal life.

This news has been read 9277 times!

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