Malicious critical thinking

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Some people, either ignorant or malicious, ridicule the demands of several people to amend the curricula in public schools, especially since we have reached a most dangerous stage when it comes to molding the brains of the young in the belief the ministers of education are mostly liberals if are ‘hands in glove’ with the malicious and ignorant people. This simply means, in their view and their malicious tendencies, the curriculum is not bad and does not need any amendment or development, if not otherwise, these ministers, current and former would not hesitate to amend them.


I call them “malicious” because they know that it is difficult if not impossible for any minister of education, with respect for the majority of them, to touch the curriculum, and the religious education materials in particular, without the green light from the higher ‘bodies’ who were sometimes against amending even one word.

Examples for amending our curricula are stated in Islamic Education textbook of for the seventh grade, the intermediate stage, on the following important topics, in the index:

  1. Faith in the unseen and its impact on life.
  2. The qualities and rights of male and female angels.
  3. Functions of angels in the world and the Hereafter.

In the section of the limitation of reason, the following points were presented: The mind is understanding, perception, science, the distinction between good and evil, and selfrestraint from undesirable things.

So the sane is the one who knows good and seeks it, and knows the evil and abandons it, and whoever does what harms him is like someone who has no mind, and the place of mind is the heart, and reason has strong relationship to the head by the powers of thinking.

The subjects in the curricula state that the areas of the mind lie in the following four things:

  1. The call to contemplate God’s creation and to know the power of God.
  2. Directing the mind to contemplate God’s creation in the universe and to identify the secrets.
  3. Directing the mind to contemplate the wisdom of the revelation to come to the legitimate rules.
  4. Guide the mind to the mastery of the divine Sunnahs that take place in human life, such as the support of God to the believers and the destruction of the oppressors.

All this is good, of course, but where is the role of mind in the field of science and the development of solutions to the problems that encounter man from birth to death? Where is the role of reason in discoveries and inventions?

Where is the role of mind in the production of medicines, the discovery of vaccines, the invention of medical devices and the development of treatment in every field?

The didactic lesson, the objective and the conclusion of the curriculum is that the mind is limited in abilities, confused and unable to understanding the necessary knowledge is obvious.

Therefore, humans no matter the power of understanding and the reason and intelligence they have, they cannot use their minds according to the general organization for reforming the whole nation. I do not really know how a schoolboy or a schoolgirl at the age of eleven can know and understand such terms and lessons?

These are just a few examples and quick observations, where it is difficult to dive more in such a thorny issue.

Without distinctive and incentive education to encourage the learner to ‘Critical Thinking’, they will remain like animals with no minds and the examples are evident.

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf
email: [email protected]

This news has been read 15057 times!

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