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Major surprises spring up as probe in security leaks case gets murkier

Two officers investigated in ‘dangerous’ plot

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 8 : While the repercussions of the ‘Malaysian Fund’ fraud continue to cast a shadow on the political scene in Kuwait, whether in terms of the issue itself or with regard to the recent security leaks related to the case, investigations have revealed major surprises related to the case and to those involved, contrary to allegations of ‘foreign’ plans targeting Kuwait, reports Al-Rai daily quoting reliable sources. The sources pointed the case file is with the Public Prosecution which contains the leaks of investigation – believed to be an audio recording between the director of a sensitive department and the prime accused in the case, a member of the ruling family. The leak also centred on a dialogue about eavesdropping on citizens and the ability to penetrate their accounts, the issue that has been widely condemned by the citizens.

The issue spread like wildfire after the leaks of the recordings was published by a fake social media account in London and those operating this account are well-known. The sources indicated the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Anas Al-Saleh referred the file to the Prosecution after investigations carried out by a Special Committee from the Ministry of Interior showed the involvement of 3 State Security officers who are charged with disclosing the secrets.

The case is being looked into foremost by refusing to accept some of the contents of the leaks and punishing those who spy on citizens in any manner. The most important fact is that the leak happened within the State Security apparatus which is considered high treason and a very sensitive and dangerous national security issue.

The sources pointed out the Prosecution began the investigation with one of the officers at the end of last week after he allegedly recovered from a nervous breakdown which necessitated his treatment at the Psychiatric Hospital. The sources added according to available information the officer identified only as N.I., has confessed that he was the one who ‘copied’ the recording that has been leaked from the State Security Agency on a flash memory at the request of a member of the ruling family identified only as Sheikh F.S., who is also an officer at the State Security Agency.

The sources pointed out the investigations and interrogations also revealed that the Sheikh (F.S.) then left for London 3 days after receiving the (flash memory) which contained the leaked recordings. The sources added, F.S. was summoned for investigation and confronted with what has been testified against him by N.I.

The sources expressed fear that the same group may have been able to leak documents or other recordings to unknown parties, and suggested the possibility of a former minister from the ruling family being involved in the operations — leaks, publishing and distributing the recordings. The details of the issue were published by the Al-Rai daily in ‘Gossip’ on Aug 5, 2020, disclosing that “the partial leakage of investigations related to the Malaysian Fund, which was revealed in the National Assembly yesterday in what was said ‘A Sheikh used a Sheikh, to beat a Sheikh’.

In the early hours of Monday, security sources revealed told the Al-Rai daily that the Public Prosecution has decided to detain the State Security Officer (F.S.) until tomorrow to complete the interrogations with him. On the other hand, MP Riyadh Al-Adsani affirmed that the leaks that came out of the State Security of the Ministry of Interior are totally and completely unacceptable because it is contrary to the Sharia, the Constitution and the laws of the state.”

Al-Adsani said: “All files must be transferred to the Prosecution, and it is my responsibility to reveal facts, as there are complicit, negligent and betrayal of the homeland and the job facts.” He added: “We trust a vast majority in the Ministry of the Interior blindly, but we are talking about a very few,” considering that those who were talking about the deep state are in fact its tools today.

All this will soon be revealed. Meanwhile, the Al-Qabas quoting a high-ranking security source revealed a dangerous plot targeting the country’s national security has been foiled. The source indicated two officers working for a sensitive department have been taken into custody and are being interrogated by the Public Prosecution on charges of betraying the homeland and the integrity of the job. They are primarily charged with stealing confidential documents and records related to the national security of Kuwait in 2019. The source confirmed the two officers are part of a bigger network, including the military personnel, parliamentarians and influential people. They are accused of leaking very dangerous documents outside Kuwait.

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