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Thursday , October 21 2021

MacArthur & stubborn nations

How many people know where the Bahamas, Barbados or Bhutan are located or even Cape Verde, Cameron, Costa Rica, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Norway, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Santa Maria, Saint Vincent, San Marino, Seychelles, Slovenia and others, or the number of their population, area, size of their economy, their political system and how to go there and does the traveler need an entry visa and other details?

If anyone asked himself/herself when he heard any news about any of these countries in the various media, he/she will definitely not remember. A majority of these countries are stable and do not complain of political, religious, sectarian, ethnic and racial conflicts, and if they have something of that, it is clear that they have succeeded in neutralizing them and co-existing with in peace.

By shifting to the situation to our region, starting with Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Malay, Indonesia, and finally Afghanistan and others, we will find that they preoccupy themselves and the world with their news through all media and communication sites 24/7.

No day passes without hearing about an explosion, or a mass killing, or a tribal or sectarian conflict in one of these countries, and so on. All of these are matters and events that attract the global media, and are widely promoted in order to gain the largest number of viewers, and this means more commercial advertisements.

Douglas MacArthur (1888-1964) is considered one of the most famous American war generals. He did well in World War II and played a role not only in defeating Japan, but in radically changing its face after he was appointed as a military ruler after Tokyo’s surrender in September 1945, and continued in office until his retirement in 1951.

During his reign, MacArthur succeeded in bringing about a profound revolution in the personality and culture of one of the most proudest peoples, and helped her get rid of her complexes and build her state, through a democratic system that suits her traditions. He also contributed to the development of her distinguished constitution, which prohibited worship of the Emperor, participation in any wars or military operations in the future, but kept the Emperor as a symbol of national unity.

He also carried out comprehensive economic, political and social reforms in Japan which contributed to the acceleration of its economic and industrial progress and its political stability; contributed to the constitutional deprivation of participation in any foreign wars in the future, and saved trillions of dollars, which Japan would spend on the military machinery and directed those funds towards development and investment in the best way.

It is clear that we have all failed over the course of centuries to raise our countries to the ranks of the half strong countries, despite our possession of all the factors for progress and prosperity, and perhaps what we need is a ‘MacArthur’ to pull us out of the depths of our problems and put us on the path of progress. However, are we prepared for such a scenario that can radically change the structure of our societies and put us on the right path?

Paul Bremer came and governed Iraq for years, and he had absolute authority, and General Jay Garner preceded him for a few months, and also with wide powers, but the two failed to achieve anything, because the Iraqi politicians, and those wearing turbans from both parties thwarted all their plans.

What happened recently in Afghanistan is not far from what happened in Iraq and other countries in our region.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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