Loyal Crown Prince, the ruling house is a symbol … take care of it

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THE caliber of a person is determined by how he endures and overcomes hardships; hence, such a person is the right choice for handling major tasks. He is capable of facing challenges. Based on this, His Highness the Amir Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al- Sabah chose His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah as the Crown Prince, because the man has proven throughout his work in public affairs that he is worthy of such an arduous and difficult task. Without a doubt, the people want to be reassured about this position, which should be occupied by someone who could support His Highness in shouldering the responsibility. He completes the pillars of the political leadership that has many tasks and files to consider.

Ahmed Al-Jarallah

This comes after the measures taken by His Highness the Amir to calm the situation, which undoubtedly brings stability to society and prompts it to pay attention to useful affairs that serve the future of the country. Indeed, these measures warmed the hearts of the people and gave them hope. This is the reason why joy spread to everyone; because they were not accustomed to this throughout the years of ordeals due to parliamentary encroachment on the powers of the executive authority, attempt to hijack the decision of the State as a whole and exploit it for illegal personal gains. We reiterate our statement: For many years, we have not seen an empowering decision like this that changed the political and economic features of the country, and put it on the right path. Therefore, hope was pinned on a crown prince who holds a certain degree of national responsibility, has clean hands and sobriety.

The choice of His Highness the Amir was the acclaimed Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled. According to information, the ruling family will meet with His Highness the Crown Prince today. His Highness must realize that custom prevents family members from competing with people in commercial businesses. This is because they are from the ruling house and its symbol. Their coming together on common ground is an urgent necessity.

It is important that they live a decent life, not needing anyone, especially since some of them live in hardship; while it is known that monarchy countries train the royal family members to be ready to rule until the seventh king or Amir. The country is fi ne. It has enough wealth to help prevent members of the ruling family from interfering in the work of others. Money has also been found to create people by spending on good education and continuous training to assume responsibilities. Just as this applies to the general public, it also applies to the youths of the ruling family, so why not invest part of the money in preparing them to assume responsibilities? Your Highness the Crown Prince, what prevents any member of the Sabah Family from needing to compete with people in the housing lottery and having his own home, neither entering political competitions nor forming lobbies — whether they are members of Parliament or activists in public affairs, as such acts tear the family apart and dissipate its decision-making process?

For sure, Kuwait has suffered a lot from this. Consequently, it is important to allocate a fund for members of the ruling family. This fund must be supervised by those who have an impeccable and good reputation, and who have the strength that qualifies them to set strict rules in this regard. In countries similar to our system, those who make mistakes are held accountable by members of the ruling family and they have their own rules; rather, their own constitution due to their peculiarity. This is what the people are hoping to achieve. May Almighty Allah grant you success, O Your Highness the Crown Prince. You are worthy of this great mission.

This news has been read 1284 times!

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