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Low catch reason for rise in ‘mead’ price

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 18: An informed source confirmed told Al- Anba daily that the prices of fish in the market varies due to low catch and non-availability of fish desired by consumers, reports Al-Anba daily. For example, the sources said, a kilo of mead fish sells for between 2.250 and 2.500 dinars , while a basket of mead weighing approximately 22 kilos sells for 45 dinars; the shrimp prices have begun to rise to 65 dinars a basket, while the price of shahamiya has decreased to between 7 and 10 dinars.

The prices of other fish were as follows — Pakistani zubaidi 5.500 dinars per kilo and Kuwaiti dinars 13 dinars; Nuwaibi 2.5 per kilo, shrimp 3, Shaam between 3.500 and 4; gargoor from 3.500 to 4.000, Hamour from 3.500 to 4.000, Iranian balool 5.000, and Kuwaiti 6.000 dinars; salmon 3.500, large Turkish seabass 3.500, medium 3.000 and small 2.750, sardines 500 fils, Kuwaiti crab 2.500, squid 1.250. The head of the Fishermen’s Union, Zaher Al-Suwayan, explained in his tweet that the high prices of mead is due to the lack of catch.

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