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Saturday , August 8 2020

Long gone nights of bliss and glee

WITH grateful organization by the remarkable engineer — Niyaz Khajah (Assistant Undersecretary for Engineering Affairs) — one of the supervisors of the marvelous modern building Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center (Opera House), my significant other and I attended the concert of Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama last Thursday evening.

The place, time and crowd took me back decades ago — back to the urbanized Kuwait, open-minded Kuwait, Kuwait of bliss, Kuwait of glee, Kuwait before the bats of fundamentalism took away the goodness of its heritage which did not happen because of the strength of their argument or soundness of their views. It happened after they were given control over affairs and the authorities’ unjustifiable fear of them, let alone being wary of their reactions when taking everything — big or small — into account.

The night was full of joy which we seem to have lost a long time ago. The night’s joy started when distinguished singer, Ragheb Alama, began by expressing his indescribable pleasure in performing before the distinguished crowd in a distinguished country, a place most distinguishable according to his simple and beautiful description.

Happiness overwhelmed the entire audience of various tastes, backgrounds and nationalities; as the concert kicked off in a spontaneous manner which we lost for years, by singing along parts of ‘Alama’ distinguished songs. The crowd requested for their favorite songs and the singer obliged as their requests continued to fill the theater with cheers and joy.

This joy filled me with happiness and jubilation — from the smiles, laughter, clapping and swaying with the tunes as many of the audience participated in that elegant concert without restrictions or unjustified inhibitions.

Elation filled my heart when I saw the crowd of youths, middle-aged and elderly of both genders in absolute elegance and adornment as their bodies and faces glow in modest attires but with notable sophistication.

It is rare to see such a scene under a single roof where the crowd of hundreds of all genders and nationalities are overwhelmed with innocent spontaneous smiles and laughter.

I express my appreciation and gratitude to our brethren in the Amiri Diwan, the group of beloved brother Abdul-Aziz Ishaaq and all the crew members for allowing us to realize our dream of being entertained in Kuwait’s majestic opera house through the splendid organization of the event by youths of the group during that special night.

Huge thanks goes to the champion of our renascence — the global leader of humanity, as these civilized features will materialize in his prosperous reign. We wish for more joyous feelings for the people of Kuwait and their esteemed guests among the expatriates who are our partners in this nation.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli – Former Minister of Oil

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