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Wednesday , October 27 2021

Local market hit with buyers to purchase the new iPhones

Telecom cos have lion’s share of sales

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 30: The local market has been hit by a state of madness with customers rushing to buy the new iPhone XS, iPhone X Max and Samsung Note 9 from the three telecom companies, shops selling electronics or shops selling mobiles in Salmiya, Sharq and some other areas, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The telecom companies have the lion’s share of sales of these devices, because they are accompanied by offers that are considered the best in the eyes of some, thus their sales have reached about 75 percent, compared to 20 percent for electronics companies and 5 percent for mobile phones shops.

The number of contracts for a telecommunications company that has been implemented to sell the new iPhone has reached 560, between new contracts or renewing contracts in the first three hours of launching its offers.

Unusually, Apple introduced three devices this year, the iPhone XS, which cost between 315 to 370 dinars, and XS Max iPhone, which is the bestselling, and is divided into two types, the first with two sims, (two lines), and the price of about 410 dinars. The second is a single sim with 357 dinars, while the capacity of 56 gigabytes is priced at 440 dinars, and the third type is the iPhone XR, but has not reached the Kuwaiti market yet.

Sources said one of the electronic device companies sold 15 iPhone X Max devices worth 600 dinars per device during the morning working hours yesterday. It was not expected that the quantity of devices offered at this high price would expire in a few hours, after which the price dropped to 400 dinars and demand still is continuing to the extent that companies have asked for new devices to keep pace with the pressure.

The first large shipment of new Apple devices will arrive in October.

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