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Loan sharks, money launderers acquitted by criminal court

KUWAIT CITY, March 5: The Criminal Court Wednesday acquitted five individuals, who were accused of “loan sharking and laundering half a million dinars”. The court did not find any criminal intent, and dismissed the accusation report.

The Public Prosecution had charged the five defendants of money laundering and loan sharking after they acquired half a million dinars with the knowledge that the money was from the aforementioned crime, through which they loaned the plaintiff at a high interest.

They collected it through their personal accounts and another account belonging to one of the commercial enterprises in a local bank where one of the defendants is an employee who misused his position to facilitate the crime.

Representing the defendants was Lawyer Fayez Al-Dhufeiri who faulted the report on the accusations leveled against his clients, insisting that the accusations lacked criminal intent in regard to money laundering and loan sharking. He also highlighted the lack of seriousness in the investigation

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