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Wednesday , March 29 2023

Living in societies of hypocrisy, ignorance

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Some believe that our societies live in a state of hypocrisy, others think it is ignorant, and I think, and I may be wrong, that we live in both situations together, in a way that does not exist in any other society.

At the beginning of the independence of the state, we were, and I lived through those years with all my heart, a happy society, small in number, open, with religious, sectarian and ethnic differences, but they were acceptable and tolerable, and we were no different in that from the rest of the world, rather we were better than them. The society, in a small part of it, was very conservative, insisting on sticking to its way of living, satisfied with its condition, and we accepted their choice, believing that time would eventually fuse them with the majority, as happened with everyone.

Political money entered, souls were ruined and major changes in the equations and rules resulted. The majority, which was historically the most tolerant, developed, and advanced, turned with time into a minority that does not exceed 25%, and became more conservative.

All this happened as a result of four main factors:

* The political naturalization that was carried out by influential parties in the state, directed towards a particular group, mainly specific, in order to favor its political status and opportunities in power, and also in order to change the composition of society.

* The huge sums of money that were paid to several influential parties to purchase citizenship, and the accompanying comprehensive falsification of documents and evidence, and the selection of the majority of those who obtained citizenship from those who belong to the conservative part of society.

* High birth rates in conservative societies significantly compared to the urban part of it.

* The attention given by the authority to certain groups, at the expense of the civil state, thus becoming loyal to it, and acceptance of its conservative traditions.

With time, the above four factors and others led to a significant and dangerous deepening of the gap between the various components of society, an increase in political turmoil, and an “almost complete” loss of direction of the state, so government decisions satisfied the conservatives at times, and satisfying liberals at other times, and the society was nothing but a mixture of ignorance and hypocrisy, which is rare in any other country.

We are neither a civil state nor a religious state, nor are we a democratic or dictatorial state, neither open nor closed, but rather a mixture of ignorance and hypocrisy that explains the state of disorientation that we all live through.

Whoever calls for attention to matters of culture and focus on issues of real morals finds no one to listen to him, and whoever calls for leaving camel herders and their livestock to graze in agricultural reserves and between oil facilities, finds someone who cares about them.

We also find deputies submitting a draft law to amend the existing buildings in the university and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training to ensure that mixing of the two sexes does not happen, because their mixing is a kind of negative phenomenon.

As for the existence of an organization for printing the Qur’an, which cost the state millions of dinars 12 years ago and did not print a single copy of the Qur’an, it does not even have a printing press, its situation does not represent a “negative phenomenon”, because most of those in charge of it are from “the same kind” who demand segregation.

They themselves and others have previously remained silent about charging public money with tens of millions more in the form of salaries, buildings, and services to a body that was formed to review laws and Islamize them, and for twenty years it failed to present an idea or a single opinion, and yet the hardliners did not criticize it, and they did not consider the actions of the council’s management a “negative phenomenon”, bearing in mind that a leader in that body recently became the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait.

One visit to any shopping center is enough to notice the cultural, educational and moral dispersion experienced by society, and the widening gap between its components.

Perhaps a majority of them do not know that the most religious societies in the world are also the most corrupt in administration, the most bribe-taking in the judiciary, the most lying in politics, the most wasting of rights, the most harassing women, and the most assaulting children, and then they repeat that the cause of moral corruption is due to weakness in adhering to religion.

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By Ahmad alsarraf