Little respect for our minds!

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In his great theory, Isaac Newton says: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction in power, and in direction.

The narrator began speaking in good English, trying to convince as many of his listeners as he could of what he says: “A Syrian citizen in 1955 decided to migrate to America. He asked his family to join him shortly after he finds work and a home.

His family – wife and three daughters – took a direct flight from Damascus to New York. The security officer asked them to take their personal photographs when they were going to be issued with the Green Card.

The mother refused to take off her hijab, and after a long argument, she and her two daughters agreed, but Hala, the third and youngest, insisted on keeping her hijab, even if this would mean she goes back to Damascus and told her mother and the officer that her hijab is part of her religion and she would never take it off.

The mother and her sister’s pressure continued for a while, but she insisted on her principled position. The security man had no choice but to bow down and photograph her with a hijab.

Meanwhile, the plane that was to take them to the airport left California and they had to wait for hours to take the next flight. Hala was severely criticized and blamed for the delay but she did not care.

When the family arrived at the California airport after a long delay, they were surprised by their father receiving them, and he was in tears, did not believe he would see them again and thought he had lost them forever after hearing the news of the plane, Flight 1919 to California which had crashed and claimed the lives of all 259 passengers.

At that time, the family turned to Hala and embraced and kissed her several times. If she had not insisted on keeping her hijab, which caused the plane to take off without them, all of them would have been dead. There were tears and words of surprise and admiration from the listeners to the narrator and the magnificence of the hijab.

Naturally, only the naïve admires such superstitious stories, narrated by an American particularly as he mentions facts supported by specific numbers and dates to add greater credibility to his story, all to promote the veil (hijab), as if all our problems ended, or if it is the veil that will eliminate the mountains of difficult living issues we live in.

In fact, in 1955 there were no direct flights between Damascus and New York, as this false narrator had said, neither there was an airport named California Airport. The planes in 1955 did not carry all that number of passengers. Yes, there was a flight with number 191, and all its passengers died, but it was 1979, not 1955, the Chicago Los Angeles flight, not New York California.

Now, what will be the reaction of those who heard about this story and believed it after discovering the narrator’s lie? Why fate intervened and the veil saved the life of Hala and her family, and did not intervene to save the lives of millions of veiled Muslims. You ignorant! A little bit of respect for our minds.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

This news has been read 8643 times!

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