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Licenses of 4,089 expatriate engineers not renewed after failing competency exams

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 27: Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has refused to renew the licenses of 4,809 expatriate engineers who failed to pass the vocational competency test.

The evaluating committee is yet to issue its decision about 1,591 others, reports Al-Rai daily The official spokesperson of the authority’ Aseel Al-Mazed affirmed that there is no change in technical or educational professions without passing the competency test, which is considered as a condition for transfer as per the vocational standards, academic qualification and the professional categories.

She revealed that PAM held several workshops for those sitting for the competency test including teachers of special needs working in private schools, nurseries and rehabilitation establishments, adding that around 1,380 teachers sat for the test, and 627 of them passed the test and the remaining 753 failed.

Al-Mazed indicated that PAM is working on preparing a bill for setting up a quota of national manpower in the non-government bodies and will present it to the Council of Ministers in order to stay in par with the state’s direction towards remedying the population imbalance and increasing the number of citizens in the private sector.

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